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What's your milestone?

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All about the numbers or are you just trying to reach that next milestone?

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What is your latest milestone or what do is the next milestone you are aiming for? How long did it take to reach that milestone?

Lets us know and feel free to add a photo from your milestones. We can't wait to hear them.
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I hit 800 earlier this summer after taking a little hiatus from caching. I have not been as active over the last few years, but now trying to get back into caching any time I am traveling or camping.

Here are a few shots from the one I achieved my latest milestone:
Sky Plant Land lot Sunlight Wood

Plant Sky Cloud Plant community Natural landscape

Cloud Sky Plant Tree Natural landscape

This is a cache at a look out tower located on the edge of a bog and meadow field. The tower gives a nice view of the surrounding landscape. If you are ever in Estonia, come check out the bogs and forests as these nature areas make up over 50% of the landscape in Estonia.

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I just recently hit 300! View attachment 24
I remember my 300th... It was located near an old railroad bridge and tunnel. I got some amazing shots from that day.

Tree Travel Hat Mountainous landforms Mountain

Plant Leaf Wood Road surface Natural landscape

Automotive lighting Water Road surface Atmospheric phenomenon Tunnel

I have always tried to make my milestones at least a little special.
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