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What Was Your First Cache Hunt Like?

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What was your first geocaching experience like, and what things did you learn on that first hunt that you think newcomers to geocaching should know?
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My first caching trip was in 2007 and it was a memorable one. A friend of mine wanted to go visit a fairly dangerous area and find a few caches in the area. Due to the dangers, he did not want to go alone. He invited me to come along and offered to teach me about geocaching and take me to find my first cache.

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This was the town of Centralia, PA; a town, now abandoned, due to an underground coal mine fire that has been burning for decades. Overall the area isn't dangerous to visit as long as you stay on roads and paths, but it is not advisable to visit alone and you should be very well aware of your surroundings.

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One of the most famous locations in this town is the abandoned Route 61 or "Graffiti Highway". Due to the subsidence of the ground, the road has become impassable due to warping and large cracks that have formed.

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Although there were no caches located along this road, we did find several that day and I was quickly hooked. My friend is no longer active with caching, but he sure gave me the caching bug and I still cache to this day.


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