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What GPS do you use?

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I have a Garmin nuvi in each car, so generally I have been using one of them. I also have a Garmin sport track map, But find it akward to use.

I am also still doing baby steps, I have not tried the send to device if I can even do it with any of these.
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I am a little old school. I still use my original Etrex Legend on occasion. At least when reception is poor.

That being said, I usually just pull out my phone and use the geocaching app. As long as I have decent reception, it is usually accurate enough.
I use the official Geocaching app on my phone or log strait from I have continued to have the premium membership since I first joined in 2007 so I find the app easy to use. If you are a basic member, it is a little restrictive.

I have heard of others using c:geo – Geocaching for Android app to log caches, but I have not personally used it.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts