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Over the years I have come across many unique containers uses as caches. Sometimes it is out of necessity for the hide location, sometimes it is for a cache theme. My personal favorite are ones that are thinking outside of the box a little and made from something you would not think of at first.

One of my very first cache hides was exactly this. I had an old, broken, mini maglite flashlight that no longer worked. It has been damaged and was not able to be fixed, but it was still waterproof and this got me thinking. I gutted it out, removing the last of the flashlight parts and sealed the top with epoxy resin. This sealed it so it could only be opened from the battery cap and turning it into a small cache container. I hid this as "this little light of mine" and let people come find my upcycled cache container.

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Unfortunately, it was muggled about a year and a half later. Since it was such a unique container and specific to this cache, I decided to not replace it... I didn't have another maglite to sacrifice to be a cache container.

In finding caches, I have found many other custom containers that were specifically designed for a cache hide. What is the most unique container you have found or hidden? Have you ever made a cache out of something that normally wouldn't be a cache container?
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