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I have always struggled with deciding if I should log a "find" or "DNF" when I come upon a damaged or missing cache. I tend to log based on if I verified I found the container, but if was unable to be logged (log missing) as a find and if I couldn't locate the container as a DNF.

Here are a few examples from today's outing. The first 3 are "found" but unable to log (owner maintenance note also added). The 4th is a DNF. I am pretty sure that I found the remains of that cache, but no way of verification.

Water Wood Purple Tints and shades Rectangle

Birdhouse Pet supply Wood Snow Trunk

Birdhouse Pet supply Wood House Bird supply

Wood Twig Terrestrial animal Grass Trunk

What is your way of dealing with these vandalized or missing caches? Do you still log a find or not?
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