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Here's a throwback to the time I found a TB with a mini version of the real thing I used. I stumbled upon this TB back in 2008, when I was a volunteer EMT.

Communication Device Gadget Font Electronic device Everyday carry
Bumper Gas Automotive exterior Machine Motor vehicle

The yellow box is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), a device used to restart the heart of someone in cardiac arrest. The bigger version was one we carried on the ambulances for the service I ran with at the time. As soon as I spotted this TB sitting in a cache, I knew I had to take it along and get a picture with it's real life counterpart.

As this isn't my TB, I can't share the tag ID, but I hope you enjoy seeing this very unique TB.

The latest log indicates this TB went missing in 2011. At least I got a chance to see it while it was still active.
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