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Release the quackens!

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I have had several trackables go missing over the years. Some made only one or two movements before getting lost. Others made dozens of miles before vanishing forever.

I left them for several years to make sure they were truly gone, but as I still had the original codes, I wanted to revive them for a new purpose.

After wiping the old logs, I have now linked them to 5 rubber ducks and am preparing them for a new adventure. Soon I plan to release them all to race around the world. Each will get a special interest, but all will be racing to see how far they can possibly go before the end of the year.

Meet Jonathan, Christofer, Grace, Sofia, and Lily.

Wood Font Hardwood Happy Wood stain

Each will have a tag with their trackable ID and a link to their trackable page.

I can't wait to see where they end up. Hopefully they last longer than the previous TBs that I released.
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So cute! I used to send my trackables out and several have been list. Now I make proxies to send out and keep the original. I have a bunch I got from MOGA 2022 that I still need to activate and get ready for launch.
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