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Geocaching in Cinema

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As the popularity of geocaching has grown over the years, there have been many references to it in mainstream media and even Hollywood movies. Sometimes it is only a side plot or an excuse for the characters to get away from the city, but for others it is a central plot device.

What movies or TV shows have you seen that highlight geocaching or reference it in the story? Would you recommend it for others to see?
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Personally, I enjoyed the indie movie Splinterheads (2009). It was an amusing romance comedy that used Geocaching fairly prominently as a plot device to bring the main characters together. The movie is a coming of age story of Justin (Thomas Middleditch) as he joins Tracy (Rachael Taylor) on a series of geocaching adventures.

The geocaching plot of this doesn't feel shoehorned or out of place to the story and just feels like a fun hobby of the main character and they bring others along for the adventure.

I know I have seen other movies with geocaching mentioned or as a side plot, but this was one of the most natural feeling uses of it in the story. This movie may not be meant for younger audiences, but is still a worthwhile viewing for someone a little older.

** Rated R for language including sexual references, and brief drug use **
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