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Geocaching app: Report a problem log type names changed

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Geocaching HQ recently announced a change in the way to report problem caches through the official geocaching app. They announced the following on December 9th:

With the most recent release, we have renamed log types in the Geocaching® app that are used to report potential problems with geocaches so that they more accurately reflect the intent of the logs."
  • The Needs Maintenance / Maintenance suggested log type is now Owner attention requested.
  • The Needs Archived log type is now Reviewer attention requested.
To use these log types in the Geocaching® app, go to the bottom of a cache details screen and tap “Report a problem with this geocache.” The log choices will appear.

You may then choose one of the log types, type a message, and post the log. After the log is posted, the next steps are unchanged from what happened with the old names.

  • Owner attention requested: the cache owner is notified that there may be a problem with their cache.
  • Reviewer attention requested: a geocaching community volunteer reviewer is notified that the cache may have a problem.

We will rename the Needs Maintenance and Needs Archived logs on the website in early 2023.

The comments from the community have mostly been in favor of this change and believe it has helped to make the reporting process clear. Additionally, the new log types include additional text to help explain the purpose of each log type:
Product Font Rectangle Grass Circle

Rectangle Font Parallel Technology Circle

You can learn more about this update or provide feedback about the official app here.
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