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Discovered While Geocaching

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I thought it would be fun to have a place to share pictures of things discovered while geocaching. Here are a few of the things I've discovered.
Azure Road surface Textile People in nature Sky
Sky Tire Plant Wheel Car

Hand Finger Natural material Creative arts Art

Fire hydrant Gas Sculpture Road surface Circle
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One of my more memorable finds was an abandoned railway line. This is part of the narrow-gauge line of the East Broadtop Railroad in Central PA. When they closed the railroad in 1954, they just parked the railcars and left.

Snow Plant Branch Natural landscape Tree
Snow Wood Building Twig Tree

Train Vehicle Rolling stock Motor vehicle freight car
Snow Natural landscape Wood Twig Tree

There are well over 100 railcars left in the woods, just rusting away. Apparently it wasn't worth it to cut them up for scrap, so they were simply abandoned.
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Here is an interesting one. Today I was searching for a cache near a historic site here in Estonia. This was a modern castle (basically a manor house made to look like a castle).

The castle was completed in 1886. The castle is surrounded by a park with several buildings like a palm house (1900–1910), observatory tower (1910) and sculptures "Kalevipoeg" (1908), "Crocodile" (1908), all of which were also designed by Glehn himself.

The buildings and sculptures have survived the world wars and soviet occupation of Estonia. Today they stand as recognized historic sites.

Sky Sculpture Plant Statue Temple

Standing near "Kalevipoeg"

Sky Plant Larch Branch Wood


Plant Tree Wood Natural landscape Bedrock

The crocodile

Bedrock Geological phenomenon Formation Outcrop Landscape

Wood Trunk Bedrock Formation Geological phenomenon

The palm house

The palm house was designed to look like a historic ruin. It has many features and designs that mimic the look of a castle, manor or other old structure. However, this was purely artwork and served no practical purpose.
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